Autism and Shamanism

Dieser Satz zum Beispiel ist so wahr und wichtig! Zitat:“If you read most articles on Autism by “experts”, you often find them saying we lack empathy. But let me tell you that this is highly misleading. We may have lack of social empathy, but we do have a much deeper empathy: the actual empathy. We might even feel others’ pain and suffering easier than most people. This, for my practice of shamanism is in fact a great help, as I can feel others on a deeper level, which gives me better ways to heal them, going to the source.“

Blue Wolf Shaman

On this month of Autism Awareness, I thought to finally write something about Autism and Shamanism, even though I wrote about it on my book “On Consciousness”.
Being autistic and shaman, I always found that they actually help and complement each other. In fact, in several ancient cultures, autistic people were seen as sacred and/or shamans. The special ones.

One of our autistic common traits is verbal communication, and most media and “experts” point out most of our common traits as “issues” or even problems, but in fact, most of our “issues” can be taken as incredible ways to achieve and spread peace of mind and move forward if we listen to ourselves and work on our own balance. Most of our “issues” are in fact our greatest tools and gifts.

Stimming and humming are, as you know, common behaviours in autistic people. Curious enough you can find…

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